10 minutes from Honfleur and Deauville, on the edge of the Pont l'Evêque lake.
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Q: "What is the provision of local services,
such as shops, transport, doctors?"

A: "The town of Pont l'Evêque, at 2 km, has a full range of shops
as well as medical services, a railway station, buses, and access
to the motorway. Lisieux Hospital is 15 km away."


Q: "Can we visit the farm during our stay?"

A: "The farm is freely accessible for residents of the Eco-estate,
and various activities can be arranged by appointment.
Access to the Nature Walk is 3.50€."

Q: "At what time can we arrive in the evening?"

A: "We are available to help you until 9 pm. After that,
the lodge will be open and lit and you will be able to settle in."

Q: "How much tableware, and how many tables and chairs do you provide?"

A: "In each large lodge we provide tableware and chairs
for 50, 6-person tables and a sideboard."

Q: "Can we go for a carriage ride?"

A: "In season, from Easter to Halloween, every Saturday at 2 pm and Sunday
mornings at 10 am, 5€ per person, minimum 8 persons."

Q: "Is heating included?"

A: "Yes, from mid-October to mid-April the price includes heating.
Outside this period it is extra."

Q: "Are we allowed to feed the animals?"

A: "It could be harmful to the health of the animals to feed them outside the presence
of a member of staff. On the other hand, you may help with feeding, mornings and
evenings. Please ask for feeding times as these vary according to the season."

Q: "Is the site accessible to vehicles?"

A: "For safety reasons, it is forbidden to drive in the Eco-estate,
with the exception of catering vehicles. There is a large car park
only 20 metres from the accommodation, and we provide trolleys
for your luggage."»

Q: "Do you serve breakfast?"

A: "Yes, you can order breakfasts for the whole group. It will be served
as a buffet and will be billed at 5€ per person.
We can also provide other meals on request."

Q: "Is cleaning included?"

A: "As in any rented accommodation, cleaning is the responsibility
of the tenant. You can either do it yourself, or we can bill you for it."

Q: "Can we buy farm products?"

A: "Yes, within the limits of European legislation which is very restrictive.
We sell cider-related products, cheeses, preserves, salted pork products, fruit and
vegetables through the AMAP (association for the maintenance of smallholdings)."

Q: "Do you provide bed linen and towels?"

A: "We can supply a sets of bed linen at 4.50€ each and sets of towelling
at 2€ each. We also do a full sets (sheets, drying-up cloths, towels) at 6€ each."

Q: "What are interesting places to visit?"

A: "There are many places to see: stud farms, the village of Beaumont,
the coast with Honfleur and Deauville, but also Saint Germain de Livet,
via the Saint Hippolyte estate. We will provide you with extensive documentation
on these places."

Q: "Is it possible to rent accommodation for a couple for just one night?"

A: "From mid-February to mid-November, the minimum stay is
48 hours from Friday evening to Sunday evening.
Couples or individuals can stay for short periods in the small cottage,
the Distillery, with special rates per night."

Q: "Can you recommend a good restaurant?"

A: "We have many good local restaurants, from our next-door neighbour Eden Park
to excellent restaurants on the Flower Coast. We would specially recommend
Les Tonneaux in Pont l'Evêque and La Cidria on the Lake.

Q: "Are all the rentings availlables for groups ?"

A: "No, only the Grange, The pressoir et and the Ecurie are available for groups"
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