10 minutes from Honfleur and Deauville, on the edge of the Pont l'Evêque lake.
02 31 65 01 00-info@ecodomaineduhouvre.fr 

Educational workshops

We offer half a dozen farm-related
activities: Milk, Wool, Bread, Kitchen
Garden, Harnessing and Feeding
as well as some ten activities related
to the natural environment of the
Estate: tracks and footprints, water,
birds, marshlands, pond life, hedges
and copses, timber-framing and
cobbing, waste products and recycling,
river life, biodiversity. 
Until the 1950s farms were largely
self-sufficient: they produced
practically everything that was
needed for the life of their inhabitants.
We faithfully preserve the memory of these skills and we offer the general public
(from the age of 2) workshops where farm products are made and transformed.
Guided visit
of the farm to discover
the animals in their own
environment. From age 2 

Dairy workshop

Manual milking of a quiet and gentle cow; manufacture of cream
with an old-fashioned creamer, churning to make butter and
curdling of milk for manufacturing both soft and matured cheeses.
Length of workshops :  1 h.
Cost : 5 €
Good rates
for full days
and stays.
Country tea : 4,50 €
Carriage ride :
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Wool workshop

After sheep-shearing (May-June), we present the traditional skills of working
with this precious natural fibre. We work "from the sheep to the cloth":
washing the fleece, carding, spinning, dyeing and weaving, with
professional teaching materials.

Bakery workshop

By the warmth of our wood-fired bread oven in winter, we prepare and
bake traditional leavened bread (at least 2 hours are required).

Kitchen garden workshop

Whatever the season, there's work to be done in the kitchen garden: preparing
the soil, planting, weeding, harvesting. And preparing good soup together.

Harnessing workshop

Take a ride in the country in a carriage, after having groomed and prepared
our Percheron horses, or the donkeys or ponies, depending on the ages of our public.
Short circuit (20 minutes) around the lake; 1 hour trip going through the
delightful village of Pierrefitte; or a half-day outing with a stop for a picnic in the forest.

Feeding workshop

and animal care under the supervision of the farmer or his assistant
to water, feed and look after the good health of the animals.
Also egg collection and fruit picking when in season.
Tea with local products is possible, proposed from 4,50 €.
Manual milking of a quiet and gentle cow
Wool carding.
Planting at the kitchen garden
Carriage harnessing
bake traditional preparation
children feed animals
Sortie scolaire à la ferme
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